New York to San Francisco in 20 minutes.

Join the Tangent on The Celluloid Road, a lightning fast journey across an imaginary United States Of America where all the landmarks loom out of the silver screens of our minds.

From Sidewalk Steam and Gangster turf wars on the East Coast - we follow the eternal yellow line, sometimes by chopper bike, or by truck, by car, horseback or on foot -through the deserts, mountains and vast plains of the country all of us visit, wherever we happen to live in the world.

Our journey will see us at Defcon 1, we'll have to climb down the face of Mount Rushmore at night, we'll be chased by Cropduster planes, we'll catch a Greyhound Bus, drive our cars off clifftops, drive buses at exactly 50 miles an hour - all the good stuff...

We'll camp in the desert, we'll cook some crystal meth in a Winnebago, steer a white Dodge Challenger into bulldozers, hold up a diner or two and arrive in San Francisco to watch it being destroyed by every conceivable method known to man and monster.

Most importantly, we'll find out which band gets all the Chicks.....

Only The Tangent can take you on this journey. The Celluloid Road is ahead of you. Join us on the ride of a lifetime.

Andy composing the piece in late 2013!

"The idea came to me while watching "Breaking Bad". This remarkable TV series is set in the area around Albuquerque in New Mexico an area not too often visited by American TV in the past. But at the same time "True Detective" went for Louisiana, Fargo for Dakota and it just occurred to me that you could just about travel through America using your TV. So we decided to put the idea into music.....

The construction of the piece required research for the lyrics, but even more so for the music itself. We investigated music from classic TV shows, Lalo Schiffrin, Isaac Hayes & Quincy Jones. We worked on Brass arrangements, and Luke went off to France and studied Steely Dan there for a couple of weeks! We spent weeks listening to Tower Of Power, Funkadelic, The Blackbyrds, Earth Wind & Fire, reviewing old Road Movies like Easy Rider and Thelma & Louise. All members of the band worked hard to get the American feel which we needed to pull this off.


Jonas and Morgan laid down some of the most organic hard funk rhythm tracks that have graced feet and eardrums for some time, and Luke's homage to Isaac Hayes' wah-wah guitar from "Shaft" makes for seriously good icing on a very fruity cake.




"San Francisco" is The Tangent moving slightly outside the familiar surroundings of Progressive Rock. It's part of a long piece about the way we view America from other parts of the world, and as such some of the music is reflective of the subject matter. Highly inspired by the TV theme tunes of the 1970s with shows like "The Streets Of San Francisco", "Kojak" & films such as "Shaft" and "Bullit" - this song takes an affectionate, tongue-in-cheek look at the sheer number of times San Francisco has been destroyed on-screen.  It also pays homage to the Oakland (a bay area city close to San Fran) band "Tower Of Power"


Owing to licensing policies if you are in GERMANY you can watch HERE

Andy Tillison says:

"Funk and Prog are like two estranged sisters. They existed side by side in the early seventies. Both musical forms relied on precision musicianship. Both forms embraced the emerging synthesizer technology. Earth Wind & Fire's albums sleeves sometimes featured fantasy artwork with pyramids and sphnixes, Osibisa even used Roger Dean for their sleeves. 


Yes & EWF both toured with huge stage sets and effects that could have been describes as "similar" in concept. Anyone who is into 70s progressive rock bands must have experienced the funk stuff as part of their musical soundtrack. Where there was a Zappa, there was a Bootsy, where there was a Daevid there was a George Clinton.  I think that if it had all happened now, the two racially segregated forms might have been closer to one another. Although in this video you only meet one of the sisters... the overall result of the song itself is, hopefully, to bring these forms a little closer together."