The Kalman Filter

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A new CD composed by Andy Tillison Diskdrive (The Tangent) and the birth of a new "band"

Andy Tillison has occasionally released solo albums of an electronic nature over the years. "Fog", "Murk" & "Durch" have been popular additions to the catalogue with their crossover of Berlin School electronica and ambient Jazz atmospheres.

The Kalman Filter is a new name under which Andy now wishes to work in this field in order to build a separate thread from The Tangent - but a thread which can perform live and in the future add new participants on its route to becoming a fully fledged band.

The first product from The Kalman Filter is "Drink Of The Wilderness" - a series of compositions that are inspired by the wild hills and reservoirs of the Upper Nidd Valley in North Yorkshire, England, and Andy has spent much time there taking in the ambience, recording the naturally occuring sounds and investigating the history of the construction of the dams there.

"It has been a great association to build with a location" says Andy. "The history and feel of this place is absorbing, the stories of the navvies who built the dams, the engineering required, the wilderness in which it all happened and the stark beauty of the place is just overwhelming - yet the whole area exudes this amazing tranquility despite a past that was anything BUT tranquil. I wanted to build some soundscapes that were brought to mind as Sally and I listened to the surrounding birdsong and gentle lapping of water, yet all the while aware of the turbulence of a massive construction project on a hardly believable scale at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th - in that very same place. "

"Drink Of The Wilderness" will feature long format compositions and improvisations based around Andy's synthesisers (including his new Arturia Matrixbrute). Lovers of early Tangerine Dream (Both Pink and Virgin eras) will find much familiarity here, but there will be forays into ECM Jazz territories as well as more modern DJ style techniques.

The album is now in "Pre-pre order" phase...  there are an assortment of pricings now available. Purchase now allows access to early recordings almost immediately - and there will be a LOT of stuff made available now that will never see the CD itself as work on a project like this is liquid and continually shifting. Those wishing to support Andy's new venture can take advantage of these premium offers, but remember that this will be available as a standard price CD in the future if that is what you would like to buy.

"Drink Of The Wilderness" will be released on CD in the early months of 2018.  At present there are no plans for a vinyl release. 

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