Spotify Policy

The Tangent are on Spotify. In fact, all the official output of the band is there from the very beginning. and if you are a subscriber you are entitled to listen to our music as much as you like. Spotify is a remarkable system that allows listeners to pay a few pounds a month to have unlimited access to what almost amounts to the entire history of human recorded and published music from Palestrina to One Direction. It is fairly obvious to any thinking person that this is a rather unrealistic deal that is likely to make someone very rich and a lot of other people very poor..

Spotify is LEGAL, in the same way that Nuclear weapons are LEGAL.

You have no fear of copyright police kicking your door down if you you listen to the Rolling Stones on Spotify.

However, the Tangent have been present (through their record company which is, in turn, part of a bigger one) on Spotify for over 5 years now. Through the many plays the band have had on Spotify, the total amount of money grossed by the Tangent through the system is NOT SUFFICIENT to buy ONE copy of each of the albums we have on Spotify.

The Spotify system is a fantastic resource if used correctly by you, the end user. Please treat Spotify as the listening booth in your favourite record shop. Buy our CDs or vinyl if you like what you hear and help us to make music for you long into the future.

REMEMBER - You have paid for something. But we haven't recieved our share of what you paid.

Thank You