Musical Influences

The Flower Kings

There are a number of reasons why this album is so important to our history and by far the biggest reason is that it is a brilliant, brilliant record. Also of great importance is that it's one of the albums that helped form the group, in a physical sense. (Pale Rider) Roine Stolt & Jaime Salazar may be the only Tangent members who played on this particular album, but nonetheless to me this was a huge inspiration, a call to arms, a gauntlet - use any Game Of Thrones cliché and you've got it. Including "Winter Is Coming". Except it's summer that is coming.

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This one just happens to be one of the best albums ever made.

My love for this album is well documented, but despite its brilliance, this album has managed to remain THE great lost masterpiece of Prog - highly regarded by those who know it, but therein lies the problem, nowhere near enough people know it. Round about 7 billion too few by my calculations. 

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Today's album is "The Polite Force" by Egg. In truth though it's not EGG per se that I'm referring to - really the career of Dave Stewart and a whole raft of bands that we refer to as The Canterbury Bands - and I could have chosen "Of Queues & Cures" by National Health, or "The Rotters Club" by Hatfield and the North - Even "One of A Kind" by Bruford. It is mainly thanks to these particular bands featuring Stewart that the Tangent wove the "Canterbury" influences into our music - starting right back on the first album - and still usually there, lurking in our music.

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