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AutoReconnaisanceCover600This is at present a private part of the website for our most dedicated listeners. For those of you new to this process, here's the most important bit:


"Auto Reconnaissance" is the eleventh studio album by the Tangent.  Bizarrely it's the first time the album has ever been made by the same lineup who made the preceding one "Proxy". It's around 75 minutes long at the time of writing, it may change in length (either way) depending on artistic decisions still to be taken.

The music is stylistically highly varied this time featuring three songs which can be described as being very pop-centric.  However, these are dotted around an album which has a 28 minute long Prog Epic "Lie Back & Think Of England" filled with twists and turns a-plenty, and a 16 minute fusion journey through "Lost In New Jersey", plus the Prog Stomper "Life On Hold".  Some of the bands darkest and heaviest moments and it's lightest and most joyful rub shoulders on this album.

Our Pre-preordering system has now been in full swing for 10 years and as normal we have THREE packages available to you.

All the following items are CDs. At Tangent Towers we do NOT handle Vinyl or take money for it. Vinyl will be available from all the usual outlets after release.

All CDs ordered as pre-pre-orders directly from this web site will be signed by Andy Tillison.

These offers are expensive and we use the extra money we make for these in the day to day running of the studio, the musicians and development of future products.  As mentioned before, these products will eventually available form Amazon, Insideout and Burning Shed etc at conventional online/high street prices and in all the usual physical and digital formats.

Please note that the artwork is still in production and to be announced very shortly.

In addition to the Tangent official release there are 2 more albums waiting in the wings; first of all the long awaited 3rd Tangent out-takes fan release in the same vein as “A Place On The Shelf” and L’Étagère Du Travail” and secondly a brand new album to follow the very popular “Exo-Oceans” from Andy’s “Kalman Filter” project.

Both albums above are written and pretty much ready to go, we are still unsure about the format of these releases and a lot will depend on the uptake for pre-orders of Auto Reconnaissance and during what we know is a difficult time for many music fans the World over, we may ask you for suggestions so watch this space!
More news about all 3 new releases very soon along with a re-vamped web site and up to date Tangent and Andy news.

Thank you for your fantastic support and friendship and we hope that you will enjoy the new music coming your way very soon, it is written from the heart for you and because of you always!

Pre-Pre-order Mighty Mega Fan Offer: £50.00


The Top of the range Mighty Mega Fan Offer at 50.00 GBP plus shipping is our limited edition in which your name actually appears in the album sleeve.

Your Auto Reconnaissance  CD will be individually numbered and signed by Andy Tillison.

This is always a very popular offer and the number of copies will be limited to the number of names we can fit on the art work so please don’t delay to avoid disappointment!

You will also (within hours of ordering) be sent a link to various previews and rough mixes of the album which are yours to enjoy, but not to share with the wider world.

Pre-Pre-order Pay The Wages: £35.00

The Tangent believes that all the band members should be paid a professional fee. All the band members get paid a fair and decent fee and this is our biggest overhead. By choosing this option you will be quite literally be paying the wages and enabling the musicians to be musicians.

This option comprises Auto Reconnaissance CD signed by Andy

You will also (within hours of ordering) be sent a link to various previews and rough mixes of the album which are yours to enjoy, but not to share with the wider world.

Price INCLUDING Shipping Costs

Pre-Pre-order Tangent Family Member: £25.00

We appreciate that not everyone can afford the more expensive pre-order options and it is important that you know that every single music fan who pre-orders/supports us live/shares our news on social media/ waits for the best deal on Amazon or simply streams on Spotify is automatically considered a member of The Tangent family, thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our music, you are the reason we are here!

This option comprises Auto Reconnaissance  CD signed by Andy.

Price INCLUDING Shipping Costs