Tangent Biogs


Andy Tillison

Keyboards player/singer and officially leader of the band since its inception in 2002.

Andy's progressive bands have been "A New Opera" 1978 - 1986, "Gold Frankincense & Diskdrive" 1987 - 1995, Po90 (Parallel Or 90 Degrees) 1996 - 2010 and The Tangent 2002 - the present. With over 20 albums released out there - Andy has been one of the most committed and unrelenting advocates of Progressive Music through its darkest days.

Luke Machin 240

Luke Machin


Luke's arrival in The Tangent in 2010 certainly attracted a lot of attention. Only 21 at the time he left audiences aghast at his mature and expressive style and amazing technique. It also allowed Luke's own compositional work in his bands Concrete Lake and Maschine to win hearts and minds too and now Luke is a well established figure in modern progressive music with performances logged with Cosmograf, Kiama and many more to come.

Jonas Reingold 240

Jonas Reingold

Bass Guitar

Co founder of the band and legendary bass player of The Flower Kings, Kaipa, Karmakanic and many other amazing projects. From the gritty grind of one bass to the melodic fluidity of another, Jonas is one of the world's complete musicians. A composer, producer, melodist, thinker and lunatic. He's as much at home in the Tangent as anywhere else.

Theo Travis 240

Theo Travis


Played on more Tangent albums than anyone other then Andy - has been with the band since the second album. He's good. Really good. And if you don't believe me ask Dave Gilmour, Soft Machine, Gong, Robert Fripp and Bill Nelson. I reckon they'll say "he's good" too.  A Tangent album without him would be unthinkable.  let's hope that isn't on the cards...

Marie Eve de Gaultier 240

Marie Eve de Gaultier


Marie is a long term friend of the band and has now officially joined the group bringing with here a whole new raft of ideas and sonic possibilities.  Her contributions to the new album are significant to the identity pof that album giving the band new textures and totally different voicings.  As well as being part of Maschine with Luke, she's also preparing a diverse and phenomenally interesting solo career which will probably eclipse all of ours... wait and see.