Musical Influences

Strawinsky - Rite of Spring

This continues a series of articles about albums that have been influential on The Tangent's music. It is neither a complete list, nor is it a list that would be the same if you asked me next week, it is not a guide to what I think is best in the world even if some of these albums are just that. It may also go on longer than 10, it also may not.

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Theo's Choice

A couple of days ago we finished off a series of 10 albums that have been inspirational to the sound and style of our own band. But all those reviews were rather focused on my own opinions and influences. And there are some long term members of the band who obviously have their own influences which they brought to the table too. In this article, Theo Travis is going to take a look at an album he feels has been a part of what he's done for this band. And it's "John Barleycorn Must Die" and it's by TRAFFIC,

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And finally in our series of "Albums that make the Tangent Tick" here's the one that has been a frequently mentioned benchmark A Goal. A Gold Standard. As before though, this was not a chart, This is not number one in it. But if it was a chart, it would have a great chance.

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