Kalman Filter - The Old Leadmines in the Mist.

Live performance made on 23 Nov 2018. No additions or subtractions. Album Exo-Oceans available at kalmanfilter.bandcamp.com and info at www.thetangent.org If you wish to make a comment, please write to the Times, Guardian, Observer, Washington Post, Le Monde, Figaro or something similar.

The Adulthood Lie : Lyric Video

The Adulthood Lie (Album Track). Taken from the album "Proxy", out November 16th, 2018

Proxy : A Case of Mistaken Optimism

Steer By The Stars - Tangekanic

In support of "promoting the Scandinavian Gigs", this was once again taken from that "one camera" that was at the back of the Hotel Cantaffordit gig. This time it's a Karmakanic song.. "Steer by the Stars" originally from "Dot" and Jonas's and my first official co-write! Also a chance to see and hear Göran Edman in action. Enjoy!!!!

Doctor Livingstone (I Presume) - Tangekanic

The Tangent/Karmakanic hybrid band play the instrumental "Doctor Livingstone (I Presume) from The Tangent album "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery". This version features on the Tangekanic live album "Hotel Cantaffordit" recorded at the New Jersey Proghouse in October 2017. After the album was mixed we then found out that some kind soul had filmed it - so - one camera only, here's the band doing their stuff... a long way from home. Feel free to share!

Sanctuary In Music - Tangekanic

The video of the Tangekanic song "Sanctuary In Music" features a 30 second silence as part of the music and was described by many people as "the loudest part of the festival".

A Few Steps Down the Wrong Road

The Tangent's 20 minute long "guerrilla" video for their song posted less than a month after the UK/EU referendum.  Based on an idea by Chris Wright this pulls no punches in what it is trying to say. From the NEW ALBUM "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery"

Two Rope Swings (Album Track)

A NEW lyrics video for the song which opens the new album "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery" - not the "still" version originally released by Insideout. A song of innocence, naivete and concern for the environment all over the world.

The Actual Story - (Excerpt from "Slow Rust")

A New and Exclusive lyric video for "The Actual Story" - this is a small section from the track "Slow Rust" that focuses at last on the people at the heart of the story... migrants fleeing their countries in search of a life free of wars an persecutions.

Spark in the Aether - Lyric Video

From the 2015 album of the same name, here's a lyrics video for this popular Prog & Roll track featuring footage of the band live in Sweden in 2014.

San Francisco

A light hearted guerilla video for The Tangent's homage to bands like Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power.  Please don afro wigs when listening. From the album "A Spark In The Aether".

In Darkest Dreams (Edit)

This is the trailer released for the bands 2010 DVD set "Going Off On Two" featuring a performance of the very first Tangent release "In Darkest Dreams" originally from the classic album "The Music That Died Alone".