The Summer Collection from The Tangent

New for Summer of 2022 comes the debut collection of exclusive casual wear from the Tangent. Inspired by a design icon, the Band T-Shirt, our garments transport you to festivals of days gone by - light smoke from makeshift barbecues drifting over sunlit fields in the early evening sunshine. Sat cross legged on the grass you breathe in the summer air and are probably committing a minor misdemeanour without even knowing. Remember fantasising over the Yes t-shirt ads at the back of the Melody Maker? No parents can stop you now with their "you've got a perfectly good Fred Perry" - defeat the Adulthood Lie and grab a Tangent shirt right now!

Our garments are produced in the UK by an independent family based concern who use high tech equipment to produce excellent quality printing onto excellent quality materials. Environmentally friendly inks and processes are at the fore of their operation. This is not a global faceless drop-shipping concern. They have a cat. All T-shirt orders will be fulfilled by SKULL PRINT - this includes payment, despatch, delivery, problems and any returns, All queries about them should be sent to them via their website. Our shirts are all available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes. Ladyfit available on all designs.

All our garments carry a factor 6 Teenager Embarassment Rating (TER).


Down and Out

Sally Collyer's dazzling shot of the Eiffel Tower was the subject of the cover for the band's 5th album "Down & Out In Paris & London" released in 2009. Wear it on the Champs Elysees for maximum effect and order another Croque et Vin Rouge. Which will cost more than the shirt.



Caught between high fantasy and cyber fiction, Ed Unitsky's sleeve for the album "COMM" leaves us wondering about whether we are on the outside looking in, or on the inside looking out. A world of Bots, Aliases, Shadow Profiles, Wiki Men and Trolls await. This shirt provides protection from all of them. Download now!



Ed Unitsky's fantastic collage of landmarks familiar to band leader Andy Tillison was the sleeve of the band's 11th album "Auto Reconnaissance" - which means "Self Observation". Put one of these shirts on and you'll look great when you observe yourself in the mirror. The text will be the wrong way round though.


20 Years

LIMITED EDITION This one won't be on sale for that long as it celebrates our 20th anniversay as a band this year and we want to make it special. Will be replaced when the Autumn Collection comes round, so keep your eyes on the trees, look out for warning ash berries and note what the swallows are doing on telegraph poles. Or look at the date on your phone...


Songs from the Hard Shoulder

Dare to wear the latest design for the latest album from The Tangent. Sara Mirabbasi's glowering Manga inluenced sleeve has turned many heads this year. make sure they're turned your way with this fantastic shirt!


Tangent Logo

Like a cross between a classic prog logo and the London Underground Totem, the Tangent logo has been synonymous with the band's visual representation since it first appeared on the 3rd album in 2006. Designed by Andy Tillison in 2002 .


70's Style Retro Logo

Use the Vertigo inducing logo to transfix the person you are talking to, then embarrass them by saying "what do you think you're looking at?" indignantly. Buy two more for your mates, then get a TRANDEM and you'll be feeling Goodie in No Time!


More to Come...

More to come - our Autumn collection will feature more cool "must have" shirts but let's not wish Summer away eh?  Pawns, old machines, pelicans and herons... all for another day. There might be a queue.

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