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Reingold Records are delighted to announce the forthcoming Release of the debut album by TILLISON REINGOLD TIRANTI (-TRT-). 

TRT-CoverThe Lineup of Andy Tillison (The Tangent/Po90) Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings/Steve Hackett Band/Karmakanic) and Roberto Tiranti (New Trolls/Ken Hensley/Labyrinth) is a pan European Progressive Rock Band project and the album was recorded during lockdowns in Italy, Austria and the UK.

The album "Allium: Una Storia" is a concept album which takes as its subject a real band "Allium" that Tillison saw play and jammed with in Italy when he was a teenager in the mid 1970s.

"One afternoon spent with this band was enough to decide my career for the rest of my life" says Tillison, who subsequently spent a long time searching for any information about them.

"It was the first time I saw and touched a synthesiser; it was the first time I ever saw an electric band play. It was a golden moment on a holiday camp in Italy that has been an influence on every recording I have ever made in the past 46 years."

The new band -TRT-'s album is an imagining of the record Allium might have made. Written in the style of the music that they played, the band were joined by Italian lyricist Antonio De Sarno (Moongarden Barock Project, Mangala Vallis) who, in keeping with Tillison’s original music, wrote the kind of lyrics that might have been penned by Allium at that time.

All members of the band have contributed to the songwriting since inception. The album, whilst paying homage to this and many other forgotten Rock Progressivo Italiano bands, is all original material written in 2021.

The album features full-on European style progressive rock music and of particular note are the incomparable Italian language vocals of Roberto Tiranti which bring a new dimension to the established work of Tillison & Reingold.

TRT Allium Cover

Personnel: Andy Tillison: Keyboards and (Real) Drums. Jonas Reingold: Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar Roberto
Tiranti: All Vocals Antonio De Sarno: Lyrics with guest Ray Aichinger: Soprano & Tenor Saxophones
The album features three songs the side long epic "Mai Tornare" and two shorter tracks "Ordine Nuovo" and"Nel
Nome Di Dio" The album will be released on CD and features 2 mixes of the whole 40 minute album. "Original Mix"
by Andy Tillison strives to be authentic to the sound of the times and "2021mix" by Jonas Reingold in the style of a
"Respectful Remix" made with modern technology.

The album is set for a SUMMER 2021 release and is available on Reingold Records. Pre-orders are available at


Velvet Thunder LogoFor all that is said about The Tangent’s often weighty subject matter and acquired taste vocals, at its core is a brilliant cast of musicians whose magnificent works have graced the progressive rock landscape on a regular basis for almost two decades. With leader Andy Tillison’s boundless creativity, dazzling guitar prodigy Luke Machin, skilled sticksman Steve Roberts and dignitaries Jonas Reingold and Theo Travis on board once again, the band have delivered an unapologetic,

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