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The Tangent release their new album "Songs From The Hard Shoulder" on June 10 2022. Packed with music, the album is surely the most technical and lovingly constructed of their career so far - as usual taking major steps forward without ever forgetting their roots. 3 long format songs (one of which is an instrumental) confirm the Tangent as masters of the "epic" and brings their total of songs longer than 15 minutes to more than 25, Socially aware, musically spirited, the Tangent's 12th album is a fitting and joyous celebration of the 20 years they have been working together. They even treat us to a cover version - their first studio recording of one, and it's a corker... "In The Dead Of Night" by UK will grace early editions of the CD release and all vinyl editions. As Lorne Murphy of Velvet Thunder says.... "The Tangent -- there is no-one else like them". Order (and a lot more info) here or at our Full Store 


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Velvet Thunder LogoFor all that is said about The Tangent’s often weighty subject matter and acquired taste vocals, at its core is a brilliant cast of musicians whose magnificent works have graced the progressive rock landscape on a regular basis for almost two decades. With leader Andy Tillison’s boundless creativity, dazzling guitar prodigy Luke Machin, skilled sticksman Steve Roberts and dignitaries Jonas Reingold and Theo Travis on board once again, the band have delivered an unapologetic,

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