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It was an eyebrow raising moment for all members of the band when exactly one week after release, on Friday the 28th of August 2020.. "Auto Reconnaissance" was sitting at number 8 in the official UK Rock album charts sandwiched incongrously between Nirvana and Led Zep. Although the "success" was short lived and was "out with a bullet" the following week leaving Nirvana and Zep asking each other "Who the hell was that?", everyone at The Tangent was in great spirits after having accomplished something that they had never even considered might happen. A Fourth Gen Prog band in the top ten. It' doesn't happen every week.


Velvet Thunder LogoFor all that is said about The Tangent’s often weighty subject matter and acquired taste vocals, at its core is a brilliant cast of musicians whose magnificent works have graced the progressive rock landscape on a regular basis for almost two decades. With leader Andy Tillison’s boundless creativity, dazzling guitar prodigy Luke Machin, skilled sticksman Steve Roberts and dignitaries Jonas Reingold and Theo Travis on board once again, the band have delivered an unapologetic,

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