Tangent side-project "Kalman Filter" is now shipping!

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Exo Oceans is the new album from Kalman Filter a new project from Tangent keyboards player and PROG Magazine's 2017 Readers Poll Keyboards Player of the Year Andy Tillison Diskdrive.

Three pieces make up the album, each one named after an exo-planetary ocean somewhere in Andy's universe - but each originally inspired by real places altogether closer to home. Two of the oceans are serene and unspoiled, but at threat from the civilisation that dominates the third.

"The Music itself is science fiction" says Andy "it's not BASED on Sci-Fi - It IS Sci Fi" And the extensive cover notes and artwork explain this!

An incredible mixture of musical styles fuse together on this remarkable album which although rooted in atmospheric electronica can hardly be called "ambient". Infuences of Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, John Hassell, Bo Hansson, Ash Ra, Stomu Yamashta wind themselves around Miles Davis-like jazz motifs, delicate melodies, 20th century classical music from Stawinsky to Ligeti, Stockhausen , modern techno in the realms of Floating Points, Funk and even a snatch of Disco.....

The album features a guest appearance from Matt Stevens (The Fierce & The Dead) a frequent live collaboration exists between these two musicians and this is the first recording they have released together. It also features Andy's new synthesiser - the Arturia Matrixbrute - he acquired the first unit to arrive in the UK in early 2017. Possibly the most powerful production synthesiser of the current era, the album really lets its possibilities shine. But more traditional instruments such as the omnipresent Hammond, Acoustic Pianos & Guitars, Rhodes electric pianos, Mellotrons and Electric Guitar play a massive part along with Andy's groundbreaking drumming technique.

"Exo - Oceans" is an instrumental musical feast of the type and scale rarely seen since the days of Tubular Bells and Phaedra. An album for late night contemplation, for real world substitution using noise cancellation phones, a hi fi lover's dream and a smorgasbord for the lover of music for its own sake.

Buy the album here

And when we say "Disco" we don't mean "A Bit Funky". We mean Diana Ross in a feather Boa walking down a white staircase with a 70 piece orchestra on moving platforms coming in from the sides. For 40 seconds, that's where we are.

Tangekanic - Scandinavia 2018

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Tangekanic are coming out to play again this year... after last year's tour that saw the band cross Europe and The USA - it's only fair that we go back to play Sweden where the band has so much history.... and while we're there... Denmark awaits for the first ever show we have done there.

This time the band will include Lalle Larsson on Keyboards - and Luke Machin who is sadly not available to play owing to earlier commitments - will be replaced by Sven Cirnski - a great guitarist from Sweden who has performed as a Karmakanic musician in the past.

The ticket links are below as is the EasyJet website!

Book Here fof Kometen I Hvidovre Here for Musikend Hus EasyJet Website


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Tangekanic, the hybrid band featuring members of The Tangent and Karmakanic who play songs from both bands' repertoire have recently completed a live "bootleg" style recording of one show recorded at the New Jersey Proghouse in the USA last October.

The album, "HOTEL CANTAFFORDIT", features material from both bands' more recent output rather than a procession of golden oldies, so tracks from Karmakanic's "Dot" and The Tangent's "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery" dominate the proceedings.

Not only that but while on the tour, the band wrote a new song together, this being a piece they wrote in reaction to the third concert massacre in recent years at the Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, USA. This track is also on the new live album.

"We were at the Summer's End festival just a few days after the shooting" says Tangent leader Andy Tillison, "in the middle of a tour which was the most important thing in our lives at the time. We were among friends wherever we went, and walking around the festival that day I just knew we had to say something about the special place that music holds for us and everyone in that audience. I went behind stage and scribbled some lyrics out and the band agreed to come on and join in at the end of the piece - which they'd never even heard on the first performance of it."

The song "Sanctuary In Music" featured a 30 second silence as part of the music and was described by many people as "the loudest part of the festival".

Tangekanic will release a powerful (non-perfomance) lyric video of the song, on

at  at 3.00pm GMT/UTC on Friday 23 Feb

The lineup of the band is:

Jonas Reingold - Bass Guitar
Andy Tillison - Keyboards & Vocals
Luke Machin - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Steve Roberts - Drums
Goran Edman - Vocals.

The album is available to pre-order from www.reingoldrecords.se and www.thetangent.org and will be shipping in early March.

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