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Tangekanic, the hybrid band featuring members of The Tangent and Karmakanic who play songs from both bands' repertoire have recently completed a live "bootleg" style recording of one show recorded at the New Jersey Proghouse in the USA last October.

The album, "HOTEL CANTAFFORDIT", features material from both bands' more recent output rather than a procession of golden oldies, so tracks from Karmakanic's "Dot" and The Tangent's "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery" dominate the proceedings.

Not only that but while on the tour, the band wrote a new song together, this being a piece they wrote in reaction to the third concert massacre in recent years at the Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, USA. This track is also on the new live album.

"We were at the Summer's End festival just a few days after the shooting" says Tangent leader Andy Tillison, "in the middle of a tour which was the most important thing in our lives at the time. We were among friends wherever we went, and walking around the festival that day I just knew we had to say something about the special place that music holds for us and everyone in that audience. I went behind stage and scribbled some lyrics out and the band agreed to come on and join in at the end of the piece - which they'd never even heard on the first performance of it."

The song "Sanctuary In Music" featured a 30 second silence as part of the music and was described by many people as "the loudest part of the festival".

Tangekanic will release a powerful (non-perfomance) lyric video of the song, on

at  at 3.00pm GMT/UTC on Friday 23 Feb

The lineup of the band is:

Jonas Reingold - Bass Guitar
Andy Tillison - Keyboards & Vocals
Luke Machin - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Steve Roberts - Drums
Goran Edman - Vocals.

The album is available to pre-order from www.reingoldrecords.se and www.thetangent.org and will be shipping in early March.

The Tangent Gain Recognition!

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Great news for the Tangent in this year's Prog Magazine readers' poll!

The Tangent were named in several of the categories including the Best Album where "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery" came in at number 5. Jonas Reingold was named as #5 bass player and similarly Luke Machin came in at 5 in the guitarist category, up two from last year's number 7 position!

To put the cherry on the cake, band leader Andy Tillison took the top slot as #1 keyboards player - so a fairly resounding success for the band and its music this year!

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who was involved in that poll result and thank our wonderful drummer Steve Roberts and Tangekanic's singer extraoridinaire Goran Edman who are both number one in our books anyway.


The Kalman Filter

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A new CD composed by Andy Tillison Diskdrive (The Tangent) and the birth of a new "band"

Andy Tillison has occasionally released solo albums of an electronic nature over the years. "Fog", "Murk" & "Durch" have been popular additions to the catalogue with their crossover of Berlin School electronica and ambient Jazz atmospheres.

The Kalman Filter is a new name under which Andy now wishes to work in this field in order to build a separate thread from The Tangent - but a thread which can perform live and in the future add new participants on its route to becoming a fully fledged band.

Read more: The Kalman Filter

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